He’s my one and only. My forever. The person I dream of having a dog, a house, kids and a dream with. He’s someone who I opened completely up to. He knows the ins and the outs of me. He knows what makes me happy, sad, mad and crazy about. He knows my flaws and tries to accept them. We all know I’m going to say but the thing is I don’t want to use that word in this post. We have something so imperfect. We started off as imperfect, fell for each other in such an imperfect way, we continued to love each in an imperfect way and the thing is we’re young we don’t understand how to treat each other. He was ready to learn to treat me through the downs but was I? I wanted to and I still do. Am I crazy for being 22 and being totally obsessed with being with you and being alone. Truth be told I self sabotage myself I had something so imperfect it was perfect that I made it into this beautiful mess I call our love. I’m scared of my future our future your future. We fell inlove so quickly and what if I all I want is to slow down. Enjoy each others company, be there when we need it, still be each others best friend, and have captivating times with each other. I just don’t want to continuously talk about our feelings I say that and we know I’m just referring to myself. We both know we love each other but do we have to say it as much. Its nice to just remind each other every now and then we do. Ease into our futures together. Stop rushing to be perfect and realize we’re better imperfect. Focus on ourselves, be selfish and strive to be our best selves. We can still have us maybe we just try something new.


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