I don’t know if its just me but its incredibly hard to build a clientele for yourself. About two years I went to school for esthetics hoping it would make me more money than working retail. HA! Jokes on me I’m still making the same money sometimes less plus I’m not even making vacation pay working full-time. Talk about screwed. I wonder if its the placement in my salon/spa in a mediocre town of East Greenbush known but not known. Maybe its I’m not trying hard enough to get myself out there. Do I post more on social media or hand out business cards more? All I know is if I were to give advice on going to school for esthetics is if you’re comfortable making no more than $20,000 a year this job its totes for you. It sucks when you’re trying to be passionate about something you love but it doesn’t even give you enough to survive. Who knows I could be doing something wrong, feel free to give me tips 🙂