Kinda a dating rant

Why can’t dating still be like the old days. Invite me to a diner share a burger and a shake with me. Go to a carnival and laugh the whole night on rides. Where guys actually showed interest in you with flowers and sweet gestures. He asked you on dates and wanted to get to know you for you and not your body. Nowadays guys just get straight to the point with cheesy pick up lines to get you in bed. Hey their isn’t anything wrong with that everyone now and then needs/wants a hookup. I think whats even worse than being hit on for sleep is when you have plans with someone to actually get together because you both share the same interest for each other but then the day comes around and you don’t even hear from them. I’m sorry but we’re all grown and I hope mature adults to be able to tell each other “Hey, I’m sorry but I won’t actually be able to hang out today” or “Hey, I’m sorry I don’t think this is going to work” lalalala. We all get the point. Who the hell comes of with the shit about ghosting, zombie, and haunting. I don’t think ladies or gents deserved to be ghosted, zombied, or haunted. Stop being selfish and take the other persons feelings into consideration. I know I’m one that certainly hates telling guys after a few dates I don’t want to see them again but its a shit ton better than not having them to have anything to go off of. If anything you’re helping each other grow off one another. I’m a simple girl who doesn’t like her time and effort being wasted.