bff breakup

She was my best friend. She helped evolve me into the person that I am today. She showed me a view of the world I’d never seen before. She also broke my heart. I would have preferred a stupid boy to break my heart. She was someone I depended on for happiness, a shoulder to lean on, someone to show me a good time even when I was feeling dark. She was sunshine and the sun hasn’t shined the same since. I never met someone who has ever felt like my other half until I met my twin. I can say so many good things, but we’re both so selfish and to me you won the prize. I was there for you when no one else was through hardship. I literally dropped everything to be your other half, your shoulder to lean on, your good time when all you felt was dark, and your sunshine. Thats where I messed up because you wouldn’t give me the same. I tried not to expect much from you but I did expect you to show me respect. At least respect my wishes. Maybe I’m upset over something stupid, but to me its more than that and I hope someday ¬†you realize that. At the end of the day I’m always thankful I met you and you were a huge part of my life. Thank you for all the memories xo.